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                                                         "American Bison" 2010


 Celebrating 25 years!... For 2010... "Our Anniversary"  limited edition 2500

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  Welcome to Sculpture Workshop Designs and the Blue Bell Studio. Since 1985, Sculpture Workshop Designs has created sterling silver Christmas medallions for discerning collectors.  We’re very pleased and honored that our work has been presented to four United States Presidents as well as other noted world leaders. As you explore our site, you’ll find that our tree ornaments focus on a variety of subjects... historical commemoratives - such as "The Return of the Christmas Comet," & "The Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution," as well as traditional designs including "Christmas Doves," or "Santa Takes A Break," from our current Santa Series. With each new design, we seek to create a unique work of art. 


Bas-Relief Sculpture - Family Heirlooms

    Worth noting is that our ornament designs are issued in small editions...with only one, perhaps two designs offered each year. Each work is titled and dated for the specific year of issue. Most important, our creative approach, is based in bas-relief sculpture, similar to the numismatic tradition found in coins and commemorative medals. While many ornaments are designed as shapes or "cut-outs," we strive to present fully pictorial scenes of extraordinary detail. Some collectors refer to them as "silver illustrations." Somewhat appropriate, since each ornament also comes with it's own background story.  From the original 10" artist model, the design is reduced, and  a set of precise dies are made; one male, one female. Under tremendous force, the silver is pressed between the die sets. After trimming and turning the edge...the "raw" silver medallion is hand-finished. Here, a light patina is applied to bring out the rich detail. Each piece is then hand-polished and carefully buffed to a lustrous shine. Each bas-relief medallion measures 3 1/4" in diameter and weighs approximately 1 troy oz. We hand-engrave edition numbers on the back of each ornament and then enter the corresponding collectors’ name into our register. A loop ring and red satin ribbon are attached for hanging on the family Christmas tree.

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